About Us

We are players working on perfecting our passion. We craft tools for wargamers and roleplayers because we care, because we are!


When we decided to found our company - Megavoid Studios - it was clear that it was a mission for all of us! Everyone on the team brings her (or his) skills into our project and into our product!

Nina takes care of management, Jessi has the technical expertise, Jan is our designer and Danny does most of the programming. And on the side we take over responsibilities from all others and share the fun and not so fun tasks as well!


We, that’s Nina, Danny, Jessi and Jan, have been friends for several years. Jan was Danny’s apprentice and the professional collaboration quickly turned into a friendship. One of the reasons for this was that we all indulged in the same hobby, namely pen-and-paper role-playing.

Soon we had several roleplaying groups together and were always looking for ways to optimize and improve, which eventually led us to the idea for Infinite Realms.


We have been a part of the roleplaying community for most of our lives, have spend many years playing Warhammer 40k and Battletech. Our hearts beat in the rhythm of these games and our passion has always been to be with our friends and have a good time at the table!

This is why we love what we are doing with Infinite Realms and why we know what we are doing! Infinite Realms is a tool by passionate gamers for passionate players who want to get the most out of their time at the table!

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